The 2010 EasyCare Hoof Boot line up and catalog is complete for 2010.  Although we may make a couple running changes during the 2010 season the majority is complete.  The biggest changes for 2010 include.

1.  An updated gaiter design for the Easyboot Glove.
2.  The HiTie has been added back into the EasyCare range.  The HiTie offers a quick and easy way to tie a horse to a trailer when camping.  The HiTie gives a horse more freedom and a much larger area to move around.
3.  We have added some new accessories to complement the easy boots for horses.
4.  The catalog has been updated with a bunch of new photos.  EasyCare has invested in great images and we love to show off the beautiful places our protective horse boots are used.

Take a look at the new catalog here

2010 EasyCare horse boot catalog