It’s been an incredible year!  The 2009 Hoof Boot Contest has come to an end and we are anxiously awaiting final mileage results.  If you’re entered in the contest and haven’t sent us your final mileage result forms please send them in NOW!!!

This years contest is definitely a nail biter.  It’s a neck and neck race for first place.  It will be interesting to see if Terri Tinkham and horse Oliver Twist hold their 1st place title or if a new winner will sneak in to claim the spot.  Regardless it’s been a great ride season!

We’ve seen a lot of barefoot horses logging miles in a variety of EasyCare boots.  The Easyboot Glove and Glue-On came out of the gates at the beginning of the year and have proven to be quite a popular choice amongst endurance riders.  Of course many horses were also seen sporting their trusty Easyboot Epics or Bares.  Regardless of what hoof boot riders chose, the Easyboot line helped contribute to a fabulous ride season!

Entries have already started to come in for the next years Hoof Boot Contest.  So be sure to download your forms here and send them in so you can join in the fun for 2010!

Stay tuned for the final results in the 2009 EasyCare Hoof Boot Contest…

By Tara Kelly