The Best Soaked Hooves You've Ever Seen or Your Money Back!

Are you tired of trying to trim those rock hard and dry hooves? Your knife just kind of scrapes over the surface and nothing happens? Your rasp feels dull even though it's new? You don't like having a mud hole and do not have a place to tie a horse so their hooves can soak first? I have a solution that may help you but the title lied  - no one paid me so you don't get any money back but you get the idea...

First you need four old Easyboots (a perfect reason to not throw well used boots away). If they are boots that are a size too big that is even better. I happen to be using Easyboot Gloves here but you can use other boot types as well.

Next pour water into the boot. You may not think much actually goes in the boot but it does and runs down under the hoof. You can add water every so often while you are doing other things and just allow the hooves to soak for at least 30 minutes (an hour is better). 

After soaking and removal of the boot you now have one soggy and softened hoof. 

Now I can actually scrape out some dead sole and clean up the frog which was too hard to do before soaking.

Diamond thinks it's a great idea as the hoof passes her inspection. I hope you think it's a great idea too!

Karen Bumgarner, Zapped Ranch

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