Test Results of the New Easyboot Transition Hoof Boot

The amazing team at EasyCare has come up with yet another great new boot: I am very impressed with the new Easyboot TransitionAfter my horse, Curly, coliced last summer and became tender footed, it was the perfect boot for him while his hooves recovered. I had gone back to using Original Easyboots with the buckle/cable system so I could use the comfort pads again.

So when I tried out the new Transition boots, I was thrilled. I decided to put them through some tough test rides by riding some of the worst trail surfaces I have in my area. I picked and rode the same loop repeatedly as I tried new things with the boots,watching how Curly moved in them. That loop included a steep road, fondly called sharp rock hill, because it was made with the larger sharp 2 to 2 1/2 inch rock on it. The loop also included cobblestone old logging roads, nice dirt and muddy paths, mud holes and brushy trails. Now I knew I would not have any traction issues because of the great tread the Easyboot Transition has, so I pushed and threw a lot at it.

Curly seemed happy enough with the boots on the first ride but I wanted to try putting in our 6 mm pads. That was the ticket and I had a very happy booted horse. On one of the earlier rides, I had a few small pieces of gravel flip up into the boots, but as the boot tops got softer with being worn. I am able to tighten the top strap up more so that has stopped.

All in all I am very pleased with the Transition boots.: how they fit, how they are getting better with use, and easier to get the top straps tighter. And Curly has happy feet!


I have been using the Easyboot Transition boots for almost three months now. It is the boot I always grab for Curly's fronts. I use them for every rides these days including my Backcountry Horsemen chapter's rides, and most recently at the Equine Trail Sports fundraiser ride for NW Horse Search and Rescue. Folks continue to ask me questions about them and I am happy to share how I am impressed with them. The Easyboot Transitions continue to impress me.

Martha Nicolas, Team Easyboot 2014 Member

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