Summer Flashback

With all of this crazy, cold weather much of the country has been enduring, I thought it would be fun to share some summer photos!

Team Easyboot goes to the beach!

My family and I enjoy vacationing on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks. Ocracoke is one of several barrier islands and is home to one of three herds of Banker Horses, the other two being Shackleford and Corolla.


The Ocracoke Ponies have National Park protection. There are visits with rangers several days a week. They are easy to view from multiple vantage points.

Far away viewing.

Up close and personal.

 Hanging with Ranger Chris!

The Ocracoke Ponies are the smallest of the three herds, and the most managed.  

You can feed the Ocracoke Ponies hay during the regularly scheduled pony talks.

While it would be nice to see them in a more feral or semi-feral state like the other two herds, it is still always nice to stop and see them each summer.

Are you thinking of summer?  We sure are. Good luck with the cold!

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