Seeing Bares a Whole New Way

Sumitted by Martha Nicholas, 2014 Team Easyboot Member

Many years ago I read in EasyCare's newsletter that you could swap out the Bare's bungee system over to the buckle/cable system used on the Epics. I had always wanted to try the Bares but something about needing to use a rubber mallet to put them on was a deterrent to me. But after reading that newsletter I ordered a pair of Bares, but also ordered 2 new buckles and cables along with 4 white washer that were also needed. I tried to work with the bungees for about a week before I gave up. Glad I had a back up plan and went to work swapping out the bungees and replacing them with the buckles/cables.  I was very happy to have the great tread of the Bare with the much easier to use buckle/cables on them.

Fast forward  to the present. I spent this morning having the fun of helping a friend do the same to a pair of Bares.

My friend's Bares went from this



      Easyboot Bare

To this in just a few minutes


Hope this is helpful to some of you.

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