Postcard From Brittany

Submitted by Pascale Winckler, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

In early August I had some friends invite me to come to Brittany, France for a little vacation. I gathered my courage to travel from Burgundy, up to the west coast of France (Finistère) for ten days of equestrian activity with my two horses. Easyboots and EasyCare Stowaways were key parts of the equipment I used to ensure a successful trip.

We began with a 45 km ride at the Pointe du Raz, a trail that extends into the Atlantic. Now I can say that Easyboots took me to the end of the world (Finistère means “land's end” in Latin).

At the end of the world (Brittany, Finistère – France)

We spent three days in the Arrée Mountains (Armorique Regional Park). They are very old granite mountains. Most of the trails were little stony paths and my horses were happy to have hoof protection. The little Appaloosa wore Gloves with Mueller tape on all four feet, and the large Bay wore Gloves in the front and Epics in the rear. I left the boots on for four days without any problem; I just loosened gaiters at night.

My two booted horses ready to ride across the old rocky crests of the Arrée Mountains.

I removed the boots for a run on the beach where no hoof protection was necessary. The day after, the boots were back on again for a trail ride along the coast. That’s the power of boots: you use them only when needed.

I spent two days alone across the Crozon Peninsula and Menez Hom Mountain, where the terrain was quite hard and protection provided by EasyCare was more than welcome.

Heather carpet and rocky trail, that’s the Brittany coast.

One pair of my Easyboots Gloves is new and remains in place without Mueller tape at any gait and I use a rubber mallet to put them on easily. Two pairs are old (one date of 2013 and has done a lot of kilometers) and are very easy to put on by hand if I don’t add Mueller tape.

 Bay of Saint Brieuc.

The EasyCare Stowaway was a compact and efficient way to transport water, food and a windbreaker. It was a great addition to support this kind of adventure.

I hope you have had a fun, adventure filled summer as well.  Happy Trails!

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