My Adventure with EasyCare

Submitted by Fabrice Creignou, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

I am Fabrice Creignou, and I live in the West of France. I have been an endurance rider for over 20 years. I used to work as a mounted policeman and also as a training rider for flat track horse racing and an endurance rider.

I have always been aware that classic iron shoes are not my chosen solution to protect horses’ feet because I believe they prevent the foot from its natural movement and reduce the shock absorber effects. I believe equine natural trimming is ideal for the health of a horse's foot, combined with alternative protection products like the EasyCare range of shoes and boots.

I now have an endurance stable. I train horses for the Malaysian endurance team at a high level. My horses regularly take part in 120 – 160 km rides. Until last year, my horses had iron shoes and some used to wear the Easyboot Glove, only up to 90km rides. I tried different plastic shoes, but feel they do not allow the free movement of the heels like the EasyShoes.

Then, at the beginning of last year, I was intrigued by the EasyShoe launch. Since that time, I have tried them on all of my horses as well as trotters and thoroughbreds for racing. I noticed better movement and some splints disappeared on horses that used to have some.

Since then, some of my horses have finished 90-120km rides with EasyShoe NG's.  I only use the EasyShoe Performance N/Gs because I am not confident enough yet to glue my shoes for the competitions or important international rides. I would like to try the EasyShoe Sport and Performance on important international rides. I once equipped a trotter with EasyShoe Competes and he came in 2nd.

I am acquiring information that will enable me to improve my technique through the EasyCare blog, and product videos on the EasyCare YouTube Channel. Thanks all for your information and innovation EasyCare!

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