Glued by The Experts

Submitted by Sabrina Liska, Team Easyboot 2014 Member

I too, attended Tevis this year. I had an appointment to have my TWH mare, Jersey, to have her Glue-Ons applied on Thursday. When I showed up for my appointment, I sure was surprised when The Bootmeister and Mr. Ford themselves, were there to do the dirty work. I marveled at their techniques. I have followed blogs and publishings, as many of you have, but to see all this in person was beyond words. Garrett and Christoph used dremel tools, heat guns and other totally cool contraptions to trim, smooth and prepare the hoof for the Glue-Ons. You can see thier latest techniques on their application videos

The gluing went smoothly as predicted. I was very pleased with the accuracy, proficiency and very important to me, the cleanliness with no glue all over the place. Impressive to say the least. 

The guys did a very good job. Those boots did their job and held fast on the trail. I never had one concern about losing a boot or any footing while riding. Peace of mind. Thank you so much dear Master Gluers of the Gloves.

I am so proud to wear this shirt. 

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