French TREC Amateur Championship in Alsace

Submitted by Pascale Winckler, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

October 2-4, 2015 was the French TREC Amateur championship in Alsace. It was my first time participating at this level (level 3 of 4). We did well in the orienteering ride, with a nice 8th place finish out of 30 participants. I was using brand new Easyboot Gloves and Epics for the occasion, and as usual my EasyCare Stowaway for spare boots, water, food and raincoat as described in my previous blog.

Preparation before the orienteering ride.

TREC competition is composed of three phases: the first one is orienteering, the second one is pace control and the third one is an obstacle course. My horse lacks balance to be very good at the two last phases, but we do our best. We finished in 17th place in the final judging. That was great for a half draft pony among more sport-bred horses.

The official rules oblige to use caged stirrups if the rider's shoes don’t have heels. As I love riding with running shoes, I am using the nice EasyCare Stirrups, for security and comfort. They provide great support. 

Can you ride in Easyboots for TREC competitions? Absolutely!

See you on the trail.

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