“Easy” Boot Removal – How to Take Off Easyboot Gloves

Easyboot glove removal: an Easyboot Glove that fits well and has survived an extreme race without any hickups is awesome... and can be difficult to remove. Or is it?

First, please note the overall shape of the Glove.

versus the shape when the glove is pulled straight down from the heel bulbs (usually by the gaiter.)

It causes the boot to stretch lengthwise, and constrict widthwise, making the boot even tighter and more difficult to remove (see below.)  
Glove being pulled directly from heel/gator2

When you try to pull it off from the heel/gaiter, it actually constricts the boot around the hoof... (see below...Grrr!!!)

However, when you pull on the boot from one quarter or another, it widens the boot around the widest portion of the hoof (the quarters.)  
So, the easiest way to remove a tight glove, even if you’re a featherweight female, is to either just pull on one quarter and pull the boot off, or, if it’s super tight/taped on, then pull on one quarter and the opposite quarter alternatingly, or pull on both quarters at once.  




Regardless, the point is that pulling on the quarters of the boot is much more effective than pulling directly on the gaiter.

Tennessee Mahoney

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