Crewing at an Endurance Ride is Fun!

This past summer three members of Team Easyboot went to the Ride Between the Rivers endurance ride in Ellamore, West Virginia to offer any help we could with EasyCare hoof boots. We also went to help crew for a few of my mom’s friends and clients. (My mom is a barefoot trimmer.) Friday afternoon was all about getting ready. We helped check hoof boot fit, add pads as needed, make adjustments, etc. As this was going to be our first time crewing, we also learned how an endurance ride works, what our jobs were, and what to expect. We helped carry supplies to staging tents to be sure all would run smoothly the next day. 
Me, Mikayla, and Nonee checking Thomas’ hind Easyboot Epics.  
The next morning we got up at 4:30 to go see the 50-milers leave at 6:30. It was cool to see all the riders take off when it was still a bit dark outside. We had one rider in that group, Patti Jo and her trusty Appaloosa Cherokee. Then the 30-milers left at 7:00. We had three riders in that group, Paulita on Thomas, Jaclyn on Smokey, both Arabians, and Lynn on her Morgan, Rio. 
Patti Jo and Cherokee, Easyboot Gloves all around, ready to head out at 6:30 for the 50-mile ride.
Jaclyn on Smoke and Paulita on Thomas, Epics on hinds, waiting for their start time.

Lynn and Rio, Epics on all around, getting ready to head out.
After everyone had left it was time for the waiting game. Paulita and Jaclyn were the first to return. When they arrived we had to hurry and get their horses’ heart rates down, sponging their horses with cold water and then scraping to get to the vet check quickly. Both Thomas and Smokey passed and we returned to the tent for the 45 minute hold. We fed both very wet feed full of electrolytes. We wished them good luck and went to help Patty Jo who had just come in from her first loop. 
Sponging Cherokee.
We repeated the sponging and scraping process and then Cherokee was off to the vet check. A little bit later Lynn came in. We then completed the same process until her horse could go in to see the vet. We ended up pretty wet ourselves after four horses! But we got all our horses’ heart rates down, safely through the vet check, and on to their next loops, last for the 30-milers, middle for the 50-milers, Patti Jo and Cherokee.
When Paulita and Jaclyn came in after their second loop, it was a lot calmer going through the sponging and vet check. They were done and they were in good time. Patti Jo came in next, and it was the same frenzy to get heart rate down and to the vet check to begin the 45 minute hold before heading out on her last loop. We took a little break and walked Thomas and Smokey, allowing them to graze peacefully after a job well done.
The joy of well-deserved watermelon for Thomas and Smokey!
When Lynn arrived she was very happy since she was also done, but it was a bit frantic as she had very little time left. She made it with just a few minutes to spare and Rio vetted in no problem. After that, Lynn announced “I won!” to everyone, meaning that she had finished successfully. “To complete is to win”, she said. That evening, Lynn won the “turtle” award. We were very proud of her!

Checking Rio’s heart rate before rushing to the Vet Check, no time to spare.

Patti Jo was our last rider in for the day, completing her 50 miles in good form. She and Cherokee looked like they could have kept going! Even though we were tired after such a long day, we still stayed and helped serve dinner. It was our local endurance ride, and we wanted to represent Team Easyboot 2013 well!

Nonee and me serving dessert.
I love horses, and I love helping people with horses. I don’t necessarily want to compete myself, but I sure had a great time helping these riders and horses, with hoof boots and with caretaking during the ride. I had so much FUN, and I can’t wait to do it again. Crewing is a great job for me!
Leanna High

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