Barefoot Trimming Clinic in North Queensland, Australia

Submitted by Sue McCarthy, Team Easyboot 2011 Member

On Monday June 13, 2011 a barefoot trimming clinic was held in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. The clinic was put on by Andrew Bowe from Andrew travelled from Melbourne (3,120km) to do this clinic. We had 16 participants, which was a full house.

Andrew talking boots

In the morning, Andrew taught us how the horse had evolved from into the animal it is today, how and why he believed horse shoes were introduced, how hoof care has changed, where we are at today with natural hoof Trimming and natural horse care. 

We then learned about the function and dynamics of the hoof with the powerpoint presentation and Andrews talk being backed up with over a dozen freeze dried cadaver hooves to look at and study. 

Andrew then gave us guidelines on how to perform a barefoot trim and were each given a cadaver to trim. Some found the cadaver confronting, others had trouble getting the leg into a position that they could trim it. Everyone found it very informative as Andrew checked everyone's work several times.

After lunch we were set free to put our new found skills to work on our own horses. Andrew continually supervised, gave advice, jumped in where required and at the end of the day we had a bunch of freshly trimmed horses and lots of people with big smiles.

To end the day, we all gathered around while Andrew talked about hoof boots, hoof pads etc. He had a good display of Easycare products. In fact, that was the only brand he had and was very supportive of the new Easyboot Trail for ease of use and user-friendliness.

It was great workshop and a fabulous way to introduce people to the world of barefooting and booting.

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