4-H Fun with Obstacles

Our 4-H Club, the High Riders, does many fun things. This year one of my favorite activities was our obstacle course. The obstacle course was many different objects set around the arena inside and outside at Camp Pioneer, our county’s 4-H Camp. The clinicians who brought the obstacle course were Lisa Fryman and Erin Grimm. There were many different obstacles that you could lead or ride through. One of the most challenging obstacles for my horse Maggie was made of long fabric strips were hung up on a pole. When the wind blows the strips of fabric move. This teaches horses how to go through trees or low hanging objects that may fall on a trail.
Another fun obstacle was this container filled with plastic bottles that made noise when you stepped on them. This helped your horse not be afraid of loud noises. 
One obstacle was a see saw! It was really fun to ride your horse up it and then down.  
Outside there was one obstacle where you could play baseball. You would bend down from your horse and hit a ball on a cone with a bat. You then rode your horse around to the bases. At each base your horse had to touch it before going on.
There was also an obstacle which was a barrel that had a long pole lying on top of it. You would pick up the pole and walk your horse around in a circle around the barrel. While holding the one end you had to keep the other end on the barrel. It was all really awesome! 
I thought the obstacle course really helped me a lot. During a trail ride we came across a tree with branches leaning over the path. I thought Maggie would have trouble but she went straight through. I thought at first it was because was following the other horses but there were some more branches and she still went through when she was leading.  I was then really glad that I had worked with Maggie with the fabric strips.
What I liked most was the see saw. It was just really fun to go up and down on the plank of wood. I really hope that Lisa and Erin can return next year to be clinicians in our 4-H camp!  If they do, we are going to try to offer a public judged trail ride with many obstacles.
Leanna High

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