Old Mac's to New Mac Why? Explaining the Changes and Improvements

We have had many customers and dealers ask why we have made changes to the Old Mac's G2 and released the New Mac product line. The majority of the changes have come from customer feedback and looking at product that has come back in a damaged state. Horses are very hard on hoof protection and returns and damaged product is the best place to start when looking to improve a product line.  

New Mac boots in the early testing

EasyCare purchased the Old Mac's product line, patents and inventory in 2005. We quickly updated the design from the original Old Mac's to the Old Mac's G2. The G2 was a very successful boot over the years but we decided to upgrade the boot in 2014 and make improvements based on nine years of consumer feedback. The goal was to improve on all the small things that cause the boot to be returned.

Although the Old Mac's G2 was a great product many of the parts and straps were not replaceable.

1.  Name Change from Old Mac's to New Mac. We inherited a boot name that is grammatically incorrect. Not sure how or why it was called the Old Mac's but the 's is incorrect "The apostrophe is used for two reasons: to show that certain letters in a contraction are missing, and to indicate ownership. The rules for apostrophes vary with the type of word. Apostrophes help make your writing clear and short." The name change to New Mac makes it grammatically correct and shows the horse world that the design has been updated.

2.  Front Shield. The Old Mac's design had a great deal of cordura and wore with time. The New Mac has a much more robust front and side shield that helps the longevity of the boot. The Color is added from the inside and can be tweaked, changed or updated for small custom production runs.  

3.  Outer Straps. The Outer straps on the Old Mac's G2 were sewn into place. If a strap was damaged in use the whole boot had to be scrapped. In addition the strap had a buckle that was sewn and permanently attached. The New Mac has straps that can be replaced and or reversed.  

The Outer and Inner Strap on the New Mac is quickly replaceable.

4.  Inner Strap. The Inner strap on the Old Mac's G2 was also permanent. The inner strap on the New Mac can be replaced by the consumer as it wears. The inner strap has also been replaced with tubular webbing that does not have an edge.  

5.  Incorporated Gaiter. The inside of the New Mac has been replaced with a softer material that doubles as a gaiter.  

The New Mac has been very well received and is holding up well. Strap failures can easily be fixed in the field to eliminate down time. We will continue to monitor this product line and will make running changes as we see areas we can improve.  

Hank Blum IV, Director of Sales

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