Paranormal Uses for EasyCare Quick Studs

I wanted to share how we are using EasyCare Quick Studs. I love these little studs.

First we wanted to use them on a worn set of Easyboot Gloves to be able to get more miles out of the boots by increase traction with the studs. We called EasyCare and asked a few questions about the thickness of new boot tread. Then my husband was able to measure how much tread was still left on my old worn boots. We did not have much tread thickness to work with but we wanted to still give it a try. So my husband placed in the Quick Studs where there was the most tread left on each boot.  He increased the number of studs from the recommended four up to eight per boot to evenly spread the pressure points of the studs across the hoof and also to increase traction. I live at the northwest corner of Mount Rainier in Washington State, so traction, or lack of, is a concern to us for about seven or eight months of the year. He would have liked to apply ten studs per boot, but EasyCare sells them 16 studs per pack and we only had two packs on hand.

I have been very impressed with how well the Quick Studs have worked. And I have also been able to use a old set of Gloves in a whole new way.

I recently noticed that the toe studs had started to push through the bottom of the boot of the hind boots. I was able to remove those two studs in each hind boot and now the studded Gloves are good to hit the trails again.

My husband is an ex logger and back when he worked in the woods, he was always replacing the corks in his cork boots. So when we were happy with our experiment with EasyCare's Quick Studs in my horse's Gloves, we decided to give them a try in a pair of his rubber boots. 16 studs later and he was a happy man. We were out hiking today and he was  wearing his studded muck boots and he was sharing how the studs are giving him the right amount of traction/ friction but still will let his foot slide some so he won't torque his knees. His story follows.

I need to order some Quick Studs to put on my own boots  since I am feeling a little left out at the moment.

The short carbide tips on a soft sole boot (mucks and some hikers) or running shoes give a fair amount of traction on rock and bare wood (slick barkless trees going over creeks), but nothing comparable to heavy soled cork boots for tree bark and steep loose forest footing. They work good in pack boots or neoprene boots or waders. I like them for snow and ice primarily as arctic style Muck boots are easy to get on and off and there is no need to use lace ups or tie ice cleats to your boots. These are pretty durable for humans but are no good for the weight and scuffing that horses do in my opinion unless it was for ice and slick wooden bridges.

What do you use your Quick Studs for?

Martha Nicholas

Four Things You Should Know About EasyCare in February 2013

There's been a lot going on at EasyCare over the last few months and we think you'll like what you see. For the month of February, you will notice the fruits of our labor in four areas.

1. Free Shipping

It's called the Sell-e-Bration and it means free shipping at 2012 prices for customer orders placed during the month of February. All you have to do is place an order of $100 or more and EasyCare will pay 100% of the shipping costs. Valid in the continental US only. Offer will be automatically applied to all valid orders.

Yes, that really is a #5 Easyboot Glove.

2. Easyboot Gloves in Larger Sizes

We've expanded the Easyboot Glove spectrum to include larger sizes. The Easyboot Glove continues to be the best-selling boot in the world, and we've just added two new sizes to accommodate even more horses. The Easyboot Glove is now available in #4.5 and #5.0. That means the Glove can now be used on horses with feet that measure up to 147mm wide by 157mm long. See the Easyboot Glove size chart for more detail on sizing and fitting.

3. Our Warehouse is Full

Tired of backorders? So are we! We've doubled the amount of inventory at our distribution facility in Tucson, Arizona. Place orders now if you want to be sure we'll have the correct size Easyboots for your horse.

4. Competitor's Used Boots for Auction on eBay

Our annual sale of competitor's used horse hoof boots accumulated from our Hoof Boot Upgrade Program is under way on eBay. We've divided them into four brands:

Hurry: if you want to buy any of these used competitor boots, the eBay auction closes on February 11, 2013.

Kevin Myers


Director of Marketing

I am responsible for the marketing and branding of the EasyCare product line. I believe there is a great deal to be gained from the strategy of using booted protection for horses, no matter what the job you have for your equine partner.


Inventory: Check, New Products: Check, And The Best Service to Boot

Every year at EasyCare we have a goal setting workshop where we align our organizational goals and individual goals to create synergy.  Basically, this means our team is responsible for steering EasyCare in 2013. One of most important items we discuss is making sure our team has the knowledge, products and tools to provided our dealer network with the best service in the industry. We have assembled the most talented, hard working, driven and knowledgeable staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Our staff is here to support you, the life line to our business, so use us!  No one knows hoof boots and hoof care better than our team. If you have questions or an issue, we will have an answer and a solution. Lean on us, let us help you with: selection of boots, Stowaway Packs, Stirrups or Accessories, a customer that needs extra attention, warranty questions, boot fit and any other areas that have you stumped.

You can expect 2013 to be another growth year for hoof boots and EasyCare will be driving this growth by continuing to develop, improve and educate. Keep your eyes on the Easyboot Facebook Page and our Dealer Newsletter so you stay updated on the latest and greatest happenings in the hoof boot world. The three most important news items for our dealer network in February are listed below.

1. Our Warehouse is Full

Tired of backorders? So are we! We've doubled the amount of inventory at our distribution facility in Tucson, Arizona. Place orders now to ensure you have product in stock and available for your customers.

2. Easyboot Gloves in Larger Sizes

We've expanded the Easyboot Glove spectrum to include larger sizes. The Easyboot Glove continues to be the best-selling boot in the world, and we've just added two new sizes to accommodate even more horses. The Easyboot Glove is now available in #4.5 and #5.0. That means the Glove can now be used on horses with feet that measure up to 147mm wide by 157mm long. See the Easyboot Glove size chart for more detail on sizing and fitting.

3. Competitor's Used Boots for Auction on Ebay

Our annual sale of competitor's used horse hoof boots accumulated from our Hoof Boot Upgrade Program is under way on Ebay. We've divided them into four brands:

Hurry: if you want to buy any of these used competitor boots, the Ebay auction closes on February 11, 2013.


Brian Mueller


Director of Sales

As the director of sales, I am responsible for identifying new dealer opportunities and building on existing relationships to foster ideas and create additional growth.


February 2013: Tack Room Too

Located just a few blocks off of I-5 in Olympia, Washington, Tack Room Too has been serving Pacific Northwest horse enthusiasts for more than 25 years. At Tack Room Too, they strive to provide the very best customer service along with quality products for horse and rider.

When speaking with Tack Room Too, this is what they had to say: “The hoof boot industry just continues to evolve. The boots keep getting lighter in weight, more streamlined, they are easier to use and are more user-specific. The more we learn about hoof function, the more the hoof boots improve.

It is important to recognize the barefoot movement as a new equine community that retailers need to serve. Customers who are barefoot advocates are invaluable for their knowledge and experience. Taking the time to listen to their needs helps us, the retailer, to provide the hoof boots and products that they need. Asking questions about how they use hoof boots, the pros and cons of the boots that they have used in the past, what type of riding they do and their horse’s reaction to hoof boots, helps us to gain a knowledge base to help the next customer. Riding our own horses to gain personal knowledge helps, but it isn’t enough – unless we have a herd to ride and the time to do so! So, customer feedback is very important.

We have worked with EasyCare for over twenty years and carry most of the Easyboot line –  the Original Easyboot, Glove, Epic, Glove Back Country, Easyboot Rx and the EasySoaker. We also carry most boot accessories. When the Easyboot Epic first came out, it was the boot to have. Making sure we had that boot in stock, helped us to gain more barefoot customers. As most retailers know, the Easyboot Glove rocked the house! It is our number one seller. And, the new Glove Back Country boot is an excellent choice for the new to barefoot customer. It is important to get a conversation going with the customer to know what kind of riding they do.

Stocking a variety of hoof boots is necessary to help match the boot to the needs of the horse and rider. Everyone here at Tack Room Too has a vast amount of horse knowledge in a broad range of riding disciplines. Some of us have experience with boots and the barefoot lifestyle. We find that with our love of horses, along with our years of experience in many areas, we are able to assist by always listening and caring about what is important to the customer – their horse and the choices made regarding the horse’s care.

Whether it is boots all the way and embracing the barefoot lifestyle or just having a spare hoof boot in case they lose a shoe, Tack Room Too strives to help with practicality and compassion. It is all about the horse and the enrichment they bring to our lives, on all levels.”

Tack Room Too hosts annual sales such as their Saddle Sale in March and their annual Fall Blanket Sale. Take a full online tour of Tack Room Too at Don’t forget to sign up for their mailers to stay informed of their monthly specials and sales.

Breaking Out the Big Guns

They're here. 

The boots you've been waiting for, to fit the horses who's feet are bigger than most people's heads. The iconic Easyboot Glove will soon be available in GINORMUS sizes! Rock on! 

For all you big horse lovin' peeps, Gloves are now being made in sizes 4.5 and 5. That is huge, folks! For myself and my fairly standard 0.5 Gloved horses, I have a hard time wrapping my head around a size FIVE! Please, send pics. I have to see this. Given my only experience with what I thought were humongous Gloves revolved around a largish Shagya gelding who wore a whopping size 3.5 Glove, I am stoked to see all the big boys and gals who can now get some of their own Glove Love. Big, Bigger and Biggest don't have anything on the new Huge and Huger. 


Easyboot Gloves and Trails on a Cattle Drive

The following is from Kelly Robinson:

Just wanted to send some pictures of our Morgans on the trail in their Easyboots. If you remember, last fall you helped me find protective hoof boots (and in a hurry) for my husband's Morgan, Red. My husband was a tough sell on these boots, but last fall, he knew if he wanted to go on a cattle drive, he'd need to boot his horse. It was the end of riding season and shoeing Red would have been a big waste of money, not to mention that I felt shoes were compromising Red's laminitis-compromised hooves. I was impressed that you remembered that my husband has a medical condition and needed a boot that not only would stay on, but that would be easy on and easy off as well.

I am happy to report that your recommendation of the Easyboot Trail was a huge hit for both my husband and his horse, Red. The cowboys and cowgirls on the cattle drive gave him the typical ribbing, but by the end of the two days, they all ate a little crow and admitted that the boots were functional and never once came off, even when they rode through a muddy, marshy area.

Red is celebrating his one year anniversary of being a booted horse and he has not been lame once since being barefoot. David is sold on Easyboots and is looking forward to getting Red a pair of the new Easyboot Back Country boots next spring.

Thanks again for all of your knowledge and professional help. I had given up on trying to convince him to let Red barefoot.

PS - I've had Pearl's Easyboot Gloves for three years now and they are still going strong!


Dee Reiter


Customer Service

When it comes to life’s adventures: Never pull back on the reins and remember: The world is best-viewed through the ears of a horse!


Home From Joshua Tree (In Which We Get Back to the Slop)

Joshua Tree National Park was  - as always - a blissful week of riding on twisty trails with amazing views and spikey vegetation. 

Getting out of the slop and into the dry desert air was a welcome respite, despite the freezing temperatures.

Both horses had had two months off, so we took it easy, going out for short, fun rides - with lots of walking in deep sand washes - just what they needed to build up fitness again. During the week we rode a little over 55 miles and climbed approximately 9,000 ft.

The footing was about as perfect as it could be and we never bothered to boot once. I did touch up both horses' feet with the rasp for minor chips, but was very pleased how well their hooves held up - especially given the wet, muddy conditions they'd been living in for weeks prior to their desert excursion.

The footing as about as perfect as it could be... most of the time:


Photo: Kaity Elliott

The crisp, cold temperatures caused them to stay very cheerful indeed the entire week - particularly one of the days we ended up riding in a snowstorm - first time I've experienced that in the desert and it was very pretty.

Riding in the remains of the snow the following day made for yet more cheerful horses, pink cheeks, and great memories.


Photo: Kaity Elliott

All in all, a great start to the year.

Unfortunately, we're now back in the real world with mud-covered, pink pones. It's time to get the Bobsey Twins up and running again after 14 months off, with the hope of getting them ready for some 50 mile rides later in the year. With my limited riding time, in order to get them both out I've lots of ponying ahead of me to ramp up their fitness. The first outing went well with no histrionics or unwanted excitement. 

Here we go again - 2013. Happy New Year to all.

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
Sierra Foothills, California


The Dynamic Hoof Part II

The most enjoyable part of my job is educating owners and seeing them have those aha moments. This is a follow up email I received in regards to the boot fit analysis that was discussed in The Dynamic Hoof.

"Had a new farrier here today and he was surprised at how many things my other farrier had skipped – not just done wrong, skipped!  He was not only shaping the foot wrong, but he was not trimming the sole at all which led to one cavity on each front hoof that had dirt and some thrush in it. Had that not been caught, it would have easily become an abscess. Because of the cavities, he trimmed a bit more than he normally would have liked to. My old farrier was also not completely trimming the frog.  Bottom line is that I am very thankful that you saw the issues and politely pointed me in a better direction. It was so nice to have a farrier that eagerly answered all my questions as I watched him work – something I will be doing lots more of.  

We also discussed how I can keep the mustang roll on his hoofs between trims and he will be checking back on his progress in the coming weeks (he works on my neighbor's horses as well, so its easy for him to stop by)."

The owner wanted to verify what size he should use for the Easyboot Glove Back Country now that his horse had been properly trimmed. He sent some new photos with the same size boots on and it was amazing to see the difference in fit after only one trim. I did recommend that he purchase a half size larger boot for the right hoof (not shown) because there was still some bulging in the 2.5. The owner was glad that he only needed to purchase one new boot and was thrilled with the knowledge he gained through this experience.

Caudal before trimCaudal after trim

Caudal views before (left) and after (right) trim.

Dorsal before trimDorsal after trim

Dorsal views before (left) and after (right) trim.

Lateral before trimLateral after trim

Lateral views before (left) and after (right) trim.


Alayna Wiley

Alayna Wiley, EasyCare CSR

Customer Service

As one of the customer service representatives, I am happy to help get your horse into the right boots. I have plenty of hands on experience since my horses have been barefoot and booted since 2003.


A Simple Guide to Team Pride

I am so proud to be a part of Team Easyboot. Looking back at 2012, it isn't so much about the miles or awards as it was for me in the past, but rather the unique connection to riders and the experiences shared in using and promoting Easyboots.

My season began with Easyboot Glue-Ons and the Owhyee Fandango Ride.  EasyCare gear from head to hoof, RSI Moniet Leattie and I met the challenge and finished with Team Pride!

A perfect view of our Glue-Ons as Leattie and I completed the Pink Flamingo Rides. You will notice the Original Easyboot clipped on to my saddle.  Back in the day, my T-shirt read, "Carry An Easy Boot or Get a Sense of Humor"!  This boot is approximately 20 years old and it is quite the good luck charm and conversational piece on the trail.

You will see that after 375 miles, this one pair of Glue-Ons look brand new. With patience and a new learning curve, I have become quite educated in the fine art of removing Glue-Ons and popping out goobers!

This "Dave's Easy Tool" was made by Dave and Mellissa Smith, my own personal trimmers. I rely on Dave and Melissa for the barefoot care and triming of all my horses.  

Leattie in full stride after pulling off boots and another 155 miles under her girth: the perfect image of team pride. A darn good horse, proper feed and care, consistant hoof care, dedicated conditioning to finish endurance rides, and representing EasyCare!

Sharon Ballard

Easyboot and EasyCare Top Ten of 2012

Another year has passed and the barefoot, booted horse is several steps closer to the mainstream. Take a quick look at several of EasyCare's 2012 highlights.  Counting down in order from #10 to #1. 

10. The booted passion continues even stronger in 2012.  Although politics and religion are the hot buttons in society, EasyCare has seen an increase in the amount of firey debate in the EasyCare Newsletter, EasyCare Blogs and Easyboot Facebook pages.

9.  Easyboot Star Sightings.  Easyboots are seen with Shania Twain, Martha Stewart, and are often seen on CBS during 2 Broke Girls

Shania Twain in Old Mac's in Vegas

8. The Easyboot and Easyboot Epic get a facelift in 2012.  A new buckle design and a more aggressive tread pattern.

The new 2012 Easyboot Epic

7.  EasyCare partners with Curtis and Diane Burns at Polyflex

EasyCare and Polyflex are putting are ideas together for new forms of urethane hoof protection.

6.  Little girls and horses.  Alyxx gets a pony in 2012.

The bond between a young girl and her first horse.  A refreshing reminder of how lucky we are at EasyCare to work with horses and the people who share their lives with them.

5.  EasyCare owned horses race in Colorado, Texas and Delaware in a new prototype, urethane, flexible glue on horse shoe. 

The Easyboot prototype race shoe hits the flat track in Delaware, Colorado and Texas.  EasyCare is making progress on a flexible, urethane option for the flat track industry. 

4.  Heather and Jeremy Reynolds compete and finish the 160K World Endurance Championship in England.  Both of the Reynolds mounts were barefoot and fitted with Easyboots.

Heather Reynolds on Marvel and Jeremy Reynolds on Kutt.  The Reynolds were two of the five person team representing the USA at the World Endurance Championship in England.

3.  The Tevis Cup is won for the second year in a row in Easyboots.  Tevis is considered the toughest 100 mile horse event in the world!

Lisa and Garrett Ford cross the finish line 1st and 2nd in the 2012 100 mile Tevis Cup.  Both are riding barefoot Easybooted horses.

2.  The Haggin Cup is won for the third year in a row in Easyboots.

Rusty Toth and Stoner win the Haggin Cup at the 2012 100 Mile Tevis Cup.  The third year in a row the Haggin Cup has been won by a barefoot booted horse. 

1.  Shannon and Steffen Peters have success with the barefoot horse and hoof boots at the highest levels of dressage.  The Peters have transitioned many of their top level dressage horses to barefoot and hoof boots in 2012.  Look for an article in the 2013 February Dressage Today that talks about the journey. 













Sossity Gargiulo, Shannon Peters, Garrett Ford pause for a quick photo after watching a barefoot Ravel work in EasyCare hoof protection.  I usually rub horse slobber off, I rubbed Ravel's slobber in!  What an amazing horse and unforgettable opportunity to work with people the caliber of the Peters.  

To an amazing 2012!  Looking forward to what 2013 will bring.

Garrett Ford


President & CEO

I have been President and CEO of EasyCare since 1993. My first area of focus for the company is in product development, and my goal is to design the perfect hoof boot for the barefoot horse.