Roanie's Transition - It's Never Too Late

My neighbor brought Roanie home after riding him a few times at a local riding stable. She made a strong connection and knew he could be better cared for. When she rode him she could tell something wasn't right in the hind legs. She noticed that he got picked on by the other horses and couldn't stand the way his feet looked. She asked if they would sell him and they agreed. He arrived a week or two later - his new accommodations included a sandy hilltop on a couple of acres with a view of the valley and a mini named Captain that would be his new pasture mate. She asked me to pull his shoes and transition him to bare feet. When I first met Roanie I saw an old, used up, neglected horse with long crooked feet and a sway back. When I got a closer look at the soles of his feet, I warned her that it might not be an easy transition. She stoically shrugged and said, "we'll take our time". I'll let the following photographs tell the rest of the story. These photos were taken over a nine month period and trimming was at two week intervals.

Roanie's age has been estimated at close to 30 by a vet. His body condition and feet have improved greatly over the past nine months but there is still room for improvement. Roanie shows us that even after years of neglect, it is possible to improve the health of a horse's feet with a transition to being bare.

David Landreville, Landreville Hoof Care

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