I'll be your Huckleberry: Glue Gunning like Doc Holiday

Gluing Feedback and a handy glue gun tip that will have you firing from the hip.

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Here are a couple more EasyShoe Learnable Moments. The weight-bearing portion of the glue looks nicely flat and textured like the pattern of the hoofwall. It has filled each of the glue beds evenly as well (If you didn’t know they were there, you would’ve never known they were there.) I can see a need for Keratex Putty to avoid having that spine.

While these are two views of the left and right portion of the shoe, look at the top image and connect your line of sight from left heel, to the toe and (down to image two) back down to the right heel. It’s nicely flush on the left and around the toe, but as it started leading into the right, it’s building until, ultimately, the right heel area has SHINY glue! This means to me the person filled the right heel first and then swept around to the left. When they went to apply the shoe, the right heel, having been pumped in first, had more time to set up. The left heel was the last to get glue and thus was the “wettest” and adjusted nicely during weight bearing. But that rascally right side was pumped first, and it started setting up. This horse essentially had a right-sided wedge.


I know this looks like a bad circus mirror, but I had to take angled views of the left and right branches so you could see the ridges that needed the Keratex Putty. But what I did want to note was, again, how the glue sets up on you. SNEAKY GLUE!

Tip #1: Again, know your temperate and know how that glue is behaving. Get the pumping action fast and get the glue on the shoe and the shoe on the horse and weight-bearing as rapidly as you can.

Glue Gun Tip!

I have fairly decent forearms. I mean, I don’t work them out or anything, but between painting my house, riding mountain bikes, working with horses, gardening and “life” I don’t think I am “weak”.

I want to feel like the glue-slingers of the golden age that I saw in the movies:

All that changes when I pick up a glue gun. Are you kidding me right now?! How is it this heavy? How can I pump and guide and hold onto the dang thing without my hand falling off?

All of a sudden, I'm Bruce Willis in "Sin City" and Junior is screaming at me, "Look at you, you can't even lift that cannon you carry!"  At this point is when I wish my horse was a mono-pod and just had one leg like a pogo-pony.

At a clinic I got the best cheat from a trimmer near me. She showed me how to hold her gun and I was in heaven.

When I hold a gun the “normal way” my wrist gets worked. I’m trying to grip the handles so the gun is positioned the way I want and yet I can’t position it too well because when I pump the gun, it’s flying all over the place. When I’m fresh, I have good control, but not after hoof number 1. It all goes downhill. I end up using two hands, but that’s not possible in all scenarios.

But when I hold the gun like THIS… my world changes.

I don’t know why I didn’t notice that the flap on the end is angled to brace against your arm.

Then the pressure of the end on your arm takes all the obligation off of your grip to “hold” the gun. You can angle and position the gun using your “forearm” direction, while your hand is left doing the important job: pumping that glue fast!

If you have a good gluing tip that we've not covered in our videos, webinars and trainings, please share them with me! I will be sure to get photos to explain your tip and post it for everyone.

"I don't always always glue, but when I do, I make sure to hold my gun upside down. Glue fast my friends." The Most Interesting Gluer in the World.

Holly Jonsson


Director of Sales

Through a lifetime of "horse crazy" and the fortunate experience of riding nearly every shape and size of horse, I got to see a wide array of hoof shapes and sizes. No Hoof, No Horse is very true to me. I want to ensure that horses on every continent have a variety of footwear to pick from, to ensure the best match is found. I want your partner to be happy from the ground up!


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