SOS March 2016: Are You Ready to be Ready?

Spring is here for some of us and just around the corner for others. Are you and your clients prepared for show season? How about for the complications that accompany lush spring grass? Whether you are keeping your equine athletes comfortable and performing their best or rehabbing spring laminitis cases EasyCare has the tools you need to get the job done.

Our Rx boot is perfect for rehab cases. Compatible with our Therapy Click System and any combination of Comfort Pads, the Rx gives you freedom and flexibility to treat whatever it is that ails them. Our lightest and most breathable product, your clients will love how easy it is to use. Pair 'em with a set of socks for long term use.

The Rx isn't only for therapy though. Ideal for stalling and hauling, a set of Rx belong in every well equipped tack trunk and travel set up. Got a 911 situation? Reach for the Rx!

Want to have your cake and eat it too? The Transition boot is for you. The perfect crossover, the Easyboot Transition pulls double duty as a therapy boot and a riding or turnout boot. Also compatible with the Click and any combination of our Comfort Pads, it's the ideal choice for the budget minded client who is looking for one set of boots to do it all. In the following video, Customer Service Rep, Mariah Reeves presents an excellent overview of the Transition. Starting at 2:58, she tries several sizes on a horse and shows what to look for in a perfect fit.


March on over to our awesome new online ordering platform and place your order today. Punch in code 25TR16 and see your special pricing for Rx and Transitions applied on the spot.

See you here next month for your next installment of Secrets of the Savvy!

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