SOS February 2016: Trail and New Mac Boots-What's Not to Love?

Valentine's Day is upon us and our boot crush is versatile, durable, and uncomplicated. While we can't promise that stocking New Mac's and Trail boots will bring you romance, we can say that your customers will love you for it. With this month's sale on Trail and New Mac boots (not to mention all the upgrades we've made on each), maybe it's time to take a look at how these adaptable styles can complement your lineup.

  • Therapy! Riding! Turnout! -Trails and New Macs are jacks of all trades!
  • Use with a thick 12mm pad. Even the toughest bare feet can exhibit sensitivity on frozen uneven ground.
  • Easy on/off for weaker hands or hurried barn staff.
  • Forgiving fit accommodates a wide variety of hoof conformations.
  • Aggressive tread provides better grip on mixed surfaces and is compatible with Quick Studs.
  • Plastic shield keeps snow and muck away from hooves. Protect healing abscesses, white line, or thrush.
  • Nix those pesky frozen snow/mudballs in turnout or on rides.
  • Pair with socks and Gold Bond powder for long term therapeutic use.

Call or email your hoof boot matchmakers at EasyCare to make a date with the Trail or New Mac boots!

Debbie Schwiebert 800-447-8836 ext 2224 or Rebecca Balboni 800-447-8836 ext 2232 - See more at:

Debbie Schwiebert 800-447-8836 ext 2224

Rebecca Balboni 800-447-8836 ext 2232

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