Old Mac's G2 Easy Installation

If you have ever wondered how long it takes to install the Old Mac's G2 hoof boots, check out this video by Missy Wryn. Missy is a horse trainer who uses the Old Mac's G2 on her horse Paco. You can check out her website for videos of her riding down the trails, through creeks and up hills in her Old Mac's G2 boots with success.

Missy's thoughts on hoof boots: "I hear from people all the time that it takes too long to boot their horses, so I debunk that myth by demonstrating it can go quickly with a little practice. What's seven minutes for the health, safety and comfort of your horse?"

We have many accessories that can be used with your Old Mac's G2 boots to enhance the comfort and success of use. Each pair of boots come with a free pair of EasyCare Gaiters for use to prevent rubbing/chafing. If your horse's hooves are a bit narrow for the size boot that the length measurement fits in, we have Old Mac Inserts that can be used to take up the excess width for a much better fit. Comfort Pads can also be used to provide extra comfort for your horse during riding or turnout. The aggressive tread pattern will take your horse over a wide variety of terrain conditions. Contact EasyCare with your horse's hoof measurements and we will help you find your booting success!

Nancy Fredrick

Nancy Fredrick, EasyCare CSR

Customer Service

I have been on the EasyCare team since 2001. I have first hand product knowledge as my horses are barefoot and booted; I also trim my own horses. I can assist you with all of your booting needs.


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