JT's Lobodacious Epics

I am now in love with Curly Horses after seeing this video featuring JT's Lobodacious aka Bo. Bo won the World's Favorite Curly Horse contest in 2012 in the Adult Trail Division! 

To enter the contest Bo's owner, Terry had to submit a five minute video of the horse and owner primarily to show their relationship with their horse. Bo learned a lot of new tricks (riding in the woods in the neck ring, herding cows, tolerating the bull whip, walking up the steps through our feed building, backing into his feed stall, etc). You will see in parts of the video that Bo is sporting his Easyboot Epics, there is even a credit to Easyboot at the end.

Terry said that Jennifer, a 15 year old girl who rides their horses for fun had received a new video camera for her birthday learned how to do the video, edit it, add music and add credits at the end. She even took the sound out of the segment where Bo is fox trotting down the blacktop road in his Epics so people could hear the cadence of a true fox trot!

Below: beautiful Bo and Terry cruising down the street in the Epics.


Thank you Terry for your wonderful story and congratulations to you and Bo.

Shari Murray

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