Important Things You Should Know About the ZIP

If you know anything about Glue-ons, and EasyShoes, you know how critical the hoof prep is. This is the phase that will make or break the gluing job. Even with your glue and shoes (or shells) chillin’ in a climate controlled environment, your arsenal of glue-guns and tips at the ready, and all of your tools strategically laid out, it could all be for naught if your prepped pristine hooves are compromised by dirt, oils or even horse drool. Time is money, so why risk ruining that beautiful, immaculate, perfectly prepared hoof surface? You worked hard to get it just right. Protect it!

Enter the new ZIP. (Choir of Angels)

With its easy and secure closure system, five generous sizes, and light, breathable construction, this boot is the perfect solution for protecting the fruits of your hard labor, and ensuring a flawless gluing experience.

The ZIP comes with leather pad inserts to draw moisture away from the hoof. These pads can be easily cleaned and reused time and time again. They are also replaceable.

The ZIP takes gluing to a whole new level by eliminating the need to deal with messy wraps and greatly reduces the chance of contamination. This is true especially when working against the clock in that heightened state of concentration. Timing is critical, so every second counts. 

Everyone that sees the new ZIP boot is intrigued. They often ask if the ZIP can be used for riding, turn-out, or trailering. The answer is no. This boot is specifically designed to protect the hoof from dirt and oils during pre-gluing hoof prep. It’s also great for medicating the hoof, instead of or in addition to using wraps.

The ZIP is considered a short term boot, meaning it should be on the hoof for no more than 12 hours at a time. Because the ZIP was designed with less bulk and a non-rigid construction, this boot should not be used over shoes or aggressive footing, and does not support soaking.

The tread pattern on the bottom provides a grippy secure feel on most surfaces, and provides adequate traction under normal conditions.

Cleaning the ZIP boot is easy. Simply remove the leather pad and toss it in the washing machine.  We suggest cold water and a mild detergent. Then allow it to air dry.

To clean the pad, remove it from the boot and allow the pad to dry. Use a brush to get any caked dirt off, then wipe it down with a damp cloth.

The new ZIP is a specialty boot designed and built for specific uses. When those situations present themselves, trust me, you are going to be very happy you have it.

Jean Welch

Jean Welch, EasyCare CSR

Customer Service

Originally from New England, I finally heeded the advice of my inner cowgirl, packed up my horses and moved west to Arizona. Here I learned the finer points of hoofcare and successful booting techniques. I can help you select the right EasyCare product for your specific needs. p>

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