If You Don't Do the Kit - The Boot May Not Fit

I know this title is a play on words, but seriously if you are interested in ordering our Easyboot Glove or the Easyboot Glove Back Country boot we strongly recommend that you order the Fit Kit for these boot styles.


The reason the Fit Kit is so important is that the Glove and the Glove Back Country boot need to fit the hoof like a Glove, there is no adjustment with these boots like you can get with some other styles such as the Easyboot Epic or the Transition. There are actually only 4 mm between each half size in these boots which is equivalant to like three dimes! I cannot tell you how many customers I have spoken with that don't have time to do the Fit Kit or just don't want to and whose boots do you think I see in the returns two weeks later?  Some people do get lucky and get a good fit without the fit kit but they are few and far between. The Fit Kit will cost you $12.00 but it does come with a pre-paid envelope to send it back to us so you are really just paying for the shipping out to you so it is well worth it. I have not talked to one customer that was sorry that they ordered the kit.

I will tell you that the Glove boot works best on bare-foot trimmed, well mantained (4 week trim cycle) hooves that have no issues. It also does not work well with hooves that have a long toe, flare or high heels. Ordering the fit kit will tell you right away if the boot will work for you or not. When you get the kit, if you are not sure of the fit, please feel free to e-mail us at admin@easycareinc.com and we will be happy to review the pictures to see if the fit is good.


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