Fitting the Easyboot Transition Boots

A recent visit to EasyCare proved to be a successful boot fitting for a wonderful horse named Tucson. Tucson came to Arizona originally from Minnesota. Because his owner Sarah enjoyed visiting here each winter, and Tucson enjoyed the winters here also...he acquired his new name "Tucson".

Tucson was having some tender footed moments and his trimmer Erika suggested that Sarah try the new Easyboot Transition. We set up the appointment for the boot fitting and got to measuring and fitting different styles and sizes to see what would work the best for Tucson. We ended up using Easyboot Transition boots on all four hooves and Tucson moved out really well. We trotted him up and down the back lot area and he actually was enjoying the new found comfort. We also put Comfort Pads in each boot for that extra cushion and feeling of comfort for him.

Tucson wearing Easyboot Transitions.                      

Sarah installed the boots to get a good practice run before taking Tucson home and out on the local trails. The Transition boots fit him very well with no issues at all. So his trimmer Erika really knows her client's horse and made the best suggestion for him.

Sarah installing the boots.

The Transition boots make for great trailering boots, offering that extra comfort and traction inside the horse trailer, along with being a great riding boot. Dual purpose boots for at home, on the trail and traveling in comfort and style! Your horse will thank you for the total comfort!


Nancy Fredrick

Easycare President-ceo-garrett-ford

EasyCare Customer Care

I have been on the EasyCare team since 2001 and have first hand product knowledge as my horses are barefoot, booted and I do their trimming. I can assist you with all of your booting needs. .


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