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Here at EasyCare, we are happy to ship our products worldwide as I discussed in my last blog, EasyCare International. However for faster delivery and better shipping rates, it is often best to work with a dealer in your country. In my future blogs, I will be highlighting our top international dealers. Kevin Myers just returned from Launching the EasyShoe in England while Garrett Ford was doing the same with Easycare Down Under in Australia. 

Easycare Down Under was established eight years ago to service the fast growing needs of the emerging professional trimming market in Australia. They are now the largest importers and retailers of hoof boots in Australia. I asked Cassandra Carroll, the Retail Sales Manager, to tell me about the ins and outs of their company. Her response is below:

"At first our customers were professional trimmers & farriers but as the company evolved due to the fast growth in barefoot horse keeping here, we began online web sales too. Our online sales allowed those riders who lived in remote areas, and those who were undertaking their own trimming, to easily access the EasyCare line. Easycare Down Under now supplies veterinary hospitals and saddlery stores throughout Australia too.

My role is Retail Sales Manager, and it is often my voice you will hear when you call the Easycare Down Under office. I enjoy working in a business that I believe brings something valuable to the horse owning public, and provides a great product that improves the quality of life for many horses. I had an extensive background in sales and management before joining Easycare Down Under.

I know how important customer service is to any business. At Easycare Down Under we understand how Australian’s hate to be put on hold and made to wait for assistance, or made to feel their requests are unimportant, so we strive to offer excellent service at all times. Even those who use our website and paypal for their orders can have the confidence knowing that we are right here at the end of the phone to help them if they need it before or after their order is placed. Also, product exchanges for sizing issues can be dealt with here in Australia."

Checking stock in the warehouse.

"We use Australia post express postal service for our customers as they cover a vast areas of Australia, sometimes not serviced by any other courier services. We can usually dispatch orders in the very next post so goods are received quickly.

As a barefoot horse owner myself I understand how daunting it can be to suddenly become totally responsible for your horse’s hoof wear so I enjoy assisting our new customers with first time boot choices or solving problems for those people who have difficult to fit horses. Our Manager Mike Ware is also an Equine Podiotherapist, so is available to talk to customers about the ways the EasyCare boots can be used for the rehabilitation of serious hoof issues such as laminitis and navicular syndrome.

Easycare Down Under are looking forward to assisting more horse owners in Australia in 2014, the "Year of the Horse” with EasyCare Inc. releasing their new EasyShoe. We will be at Equitana in Melbourne this November and would love to show you the latest in the EasyCare lineup."

Garrett Ford at a recent EasyShoe clinic in Australia demonstrating the EasyShoe application. 

If you are an Australian rider, professional hoof care provider, vet, farrier, or saddler and have any questions about the EasyCare hoof boot lineup, please call Cassandra at 02 4457-3022 or email her at easycaredownunder@bigpond.com. She looks forward to assisting you!

Easycare Down Under in Australia

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