Easyboot Transition Need-To-Knows

The Easyboot Transition has been received magnificently by many boot users since its introduction in November of 2013. There are several purposes for this boot style. One can enjoy pleasure riding in this boot or it may be used for therapeutic purposes and while the horse is on turn out. A new Easybooter introduced this boot to her veterinarian to help correct a gait irregularity.

I like to describe this boot as the Birkenstock for equines. The sole is constructed to promote blood flow, absorb concussion, and cushion the hoof while still offering the stability and reliability of a riding boot.

If you’re interested in the Easyboot Transition, the video below helps to build your confidence with this boot style and provides the need-to-knows of this specific EasyCare product. Press the play icon below to learn more about the boot style that EasyCare is so proud to provide to you.


Mariah Reeves

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Customer Service

As one of the customer service representatives, I am happy to help get your horse into the right boots. I promote holistic methods of equine care and will assist you with finding the perfect fit for horse and rider.

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