Easyboot Rx FAQ

Q What is the Easyboot Rx used for?
A Treating laminitis, navicular, heel pain (horse hoof problems). This protective horse boot can be used for recovery after surgery and to aid in the comfort of the barefoot horse in various circumstances.

Q Padding: Does the boot come with a hoof pad?

A Yes, it comes with a 6 mm medium density hoof pad.

Q Are other pads available?

A Yes. Please click here for the list of available pads. We recommend that you work with your hoof care practitioner when deciding what pad may work best for your horse

Q Sizing: Do I need to size up when using a thicker pad?

A If you are planning to use a thicker pad, or are bandaging, you will need to go up a size.

Q Duration: How long can I leave the protective horse boots on?

A The boot can be left on during the entire treatment period, provided they are checked regularly.

Q Turrnout: Can my horse be turned out in them?

A Yes. However, we always recommend that the boots be checked a minimum of once per day to make sure no rubbing has occurred and that the horse is still comfortable.

Q Cleaning: How do I clean them?

A Clean your boots with mild soap and water and let them dry completely before putting them back on the horse. The hook and loop straps can be cleaned with a wire brush. We recommend trying to keep the hook and loop material as clean as possible to ensure the fastening system works properly.

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