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If you have had the chance to peruse the wonderful EasyCare website you know that there are a lot of choices, but choices are a good thing right? When I go to the grocery store and cruise down the cereal aisle, I am almost paralyzed by the number of cereals displayed, how do I know which one is best for me? Which one has the least sugar? Which one will make me lose weight and look like a super model? (If you know of a cereal that does this for you, you need to let me know right away.) 

I know you probably feel the same way about choosing a hoof boot for you and your horse, especially if you are brand new to boots. I am here to help make your choice easier! I have listed our boot styles below and a quick guide and some insider tips for each boot.

1. Easyboot Epic - This boot is good for just about everything from short trail rides to 100 mile endurance rides. The boot is easy to measure for, fits a large variety of hoof shapes and does not require a fit kit.

2. Easyboot Trail - This boot is our easiest boot to apply and remove. Fits a large variety of hoof shapes and is easy to measure for. This is for 25 mile or less rides and does not require a fit kit.

3. New Mac - This boot is very similar to the Easyboot Trail, the main difference being an internal webbing strap that holds the hoof down inside the boot. The New Mac has the same sizing chart as the Easyboot Trial and is designed for 25 miles or less.

4. Easyboot Glove/Easyboot Glove Back Country - These boots are measured for in millimeters and fits the hoof well, like a Glove! You can use the Glove boot for up to unlimited miles and the Glove Back Country for up to 50 miles. We strongly recommend ordering a Fit Kit to size these boots. Although the Back Country and the Easyboot Glove use the same sizing chart the Back Country boot is a little more flexible in the fit than the Glove. I always recommend ordering a half size larger than the Fit Kit indicates if you are ordering the Back Country.

5. Easyboot Glue-On/Easyboot Flip Flop - These two boot choices are designed for long distance or multi-day riding. They require a little more work to apply but it is well worth it! The Flip Flop can be left on the hoof for the entire trim cycle so you can apply them and forget about it. 

6. EasyShoes - We at EasyCare realize that not everyone is going to pull their horse's shoes and use hoof boots, for those people we have the EasyShoe. This shoe is so much better for your horse due to the fact that it lets the heel flex and move unlike a metal shoe. You can get this in a nail/glue version and several glue only versions. 

7. Transition/Cloud/RX/Zip - These are all wonderful therapy boots, each one has its own great qualities. Not all of these boots are designed for riding. The Cloud boot and RX boot can be used for light turnout situations and the Transition can also be used for light riding. The Zip is designed for protecting the hoof while medicating and to help keep the hoof dry. These all have their own sizing charts. If you are needing a therapy boot, I recommend getting your fresh trim hoof measurements and giving EasyCare a call, we will be glad to help. 

Shari Murray


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If you call the customer service help desk, you’ll probably get me on the phone! I process repairs, returns, credits and exchanges that come into EasyCare.

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