Can He Fill Those Hoof Boots?

Sue Clauss runs a rescue, primarily for horses, but she rescues anything that needs rescuing. The blog is about two very kind-hearted ladies: Sue, who runs the rescue; and Maggy, who wanted to donate her boots to a worthy cause. You can see my blog at

The picture below was the picture in the blog of Sugar, who was half-starved and severly abused, who gave birth shortly after Sue rescued her - to Rudy. It was really touch and go for both Sugar and Rudy.

 However, Sue has brought them around and look at Rudy now!

Trying to fill "Uncle" Chance's Boa boots that were donated by Maggy.

Uncle, Chance's Mom, arriving at Sue's Rescue.

Chance's Mom (looking much, much better) after Chance was born.

And this is "Uncle" Chance and Rudy right after Rudy was born.

Rudy's looking to grow into these Boa boots.

If you have protective hoof boots that are laying around your tack room or trailer, why not donate them to your local rescue? Or email me at and I will give you Sue's contact information.

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