5 Things: Easyboot Glove Back Country

The Easyboot Glove Back Country is one of the most unique trail boots to the industry. Whether your ride means arena work or heading to the mountains for a weekend adventure, the Back Country enhances each experience.

1. The Back Country is one of the most popular boots of the EasyCare line-up. It is recognized for its long life span and reliability.

2. This boot style combines the best features of two of the most favored Easyboots: The Easyboot Glove and the Easyboot Trail.


3. To have complete protection from debris entering the boot, you may use the Easyboot Glove Gaiter in place of the Comfort Cup Gaiter on the Back Country.



4. This boot achieves a snug, slim fit while still being forgiving enough to fit many hoof shapes and sizes.

5. The Back Country is lightweight. The average size 2 boot weighs only 14oz. That is .09% of an average sized horse’s total body weight.

We love this boot SO much, that it is EasyCare’s October promotion. Check out our website for more information: www.easycareinc.com .

To learn more about the adeptness and aptitudes of the Back Country, please call 1 (800) 447-8836. Representatives are pleased to answer your questions and square you away with a Fit Kit to find the perfect size.


Mariah Reeves

easycare-customer service-mariah

Customer Service

As one of the customer service representatives, I am happy to help get your horse into the right boots. I promote holistic methods of equine care and will assist you with finding the perfect fit for horse and rider.

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