5 Steps to a More Confident Ride

No, this isn’t a blog about equine sports psychology or about horse training. It isn’t about positive mental attitude, meditation, visualization techniques, or positive affirmations. It won’t tell you about taking baby steps toward challenges and facing fears every day to gain confidence.

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It IS about using the small but mighty Quick Studs in your hoof boots to give your horse better traction and more confidence-not to mention keep you in the saddle all winter long. Who’s got a grip on winter now?


EasyCare, Inc’s Quick Studs are your secret weapon for giving winter’s nasty mixed footing and changing conditions the boot. Just think how nice it will be to swing a leg over for your next winter ride knowing that you are doing it right. Now, aren’t you feeling better already?

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Since their release in 2010, much has been written about the Quick Studs; what they are all about, how great they are, and of course some how-to. There are even people writing about adding Quick Studs to the Easy Shoes.  I am pleased to introduce our first ever video on how to install Quick Studs into your boots! Grab the popcorn and enjoy.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, read on HERE to find out about another brilliant use for Quick Studs! Hint: don't let your horses have all the fun! Now go play outside!


Rebecca Balboni

Customer Service Representative

A lifetime of riding and showing sport horses has given me a deep appreciation for the importance of soundness and comfort on performance. Let me help elevate your equine experience by finding the right boot for your horse and unique situation.

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