10 Reasons Why You Should Own an Easyboot Transition

At last: a boot for the horse that has recovered from a condition but is still in need of a squishy, comfy sole. What's up with all of the talk about the new boot? EasyCare has been shedding light on this boot style since before its introduction in November of 2013, but I've got more.

I am positioned in the front line of feedback for all the boot and shoe styles. The Easyboot Transition has become a highly recommended boot for both riding and therapy purposes. Here are some reasons why the Easyboot Transition should be in your tack room:

1. The Transition is the result of innovative structure technology never before seen in hoof boots and the proof is in the mid -sole component. See more details on the structure of the Easyboot Transition here.
2. There is no way to know when your horse may come up lame. Having the Transition on hand will relieve any stress in finding a comfortable boot that can be used for turnout or therapy.
3. It fastens around the front and back for a snug fit to prevent debris from entering, which is important for treating abscesses or superficial injuries.
4. They fit small hooves. Pictured below is a pair of Easyboot Transitions size 000.

5. The inside is seamless to prevent rubbing or chaffing against the soft tissue areas of the lower leg.
6. The bumper and outsole (or base of the boot) are bonded by a midsole that provides a unique level of support and comfort.
7. The entire boot flexes to accommodate many hoof angles and shapes.
8. The midsole presents cushioned cavities for unbounded shock absorption and support.
9. Did I mention the midsole?

This boot impersonates a sneaker. From the reflective features for added night riding visibility, down to through the flexible bumper, the pillowing midsole and shock-muffling outsole, this boot is like our running shoe. I wish EasyCare made sizes for humans.

Call EasyCare today for more information on the first hoof boot product to bridge the gap between therapy use and riding disciplines.

Oh, and #10 if you order before July 31, they’re 15% off!

Mariah Reeves

easycare-customer service-mariah

Customer Service

As one of the customer service representatives, I am happy to help get your horse into the right boots. I promote holistic methods of equine care and will assist you with finding the perfect fit for horse and rider.

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