This Is An EasyCare Dealer Test - This Is Only Test

Test your EasyCare product knowledge:

  1. Which hoof boot style has been EasyCare’s best-selling boot for the last four years?
  2. Which Easyboot style was derived from the Glove and the Trail and is one of the top four best selling boots?
  3. Which Easyboot style was re-designed to reflect a new sole, new gaiter and new cable and buckle system? (Also one of the top four best selling boots.)
  4. Which Easyboot style was designed specifically for the casual rider and is one of the top four best sellers?
  5. Which Easyboot style doubles as a therapy boot as well as a light riding boot? It’s also a therapy turn-out boot. (I’ll give you a hint – it was just released.)
  6. Which two Easyboot styles have no mileage designation?
  7. Name 3 Easyboot styles that were designed for casual riding, less than 25 miles per week or about an hour of riding per day?
  8. Which two Easyboot styles must be measured for in millimeters and offer wide sizes?
  9. What is a Fit Kit?
  10. Name 8 facts about the new EasyShoes.

Bonus question: What is the “Boot On The Counter" campaign?

If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, please call me at (800) 447-8836 extension 2226 to set an appointment for training. Training can be done by phone, takes about 30 minutes of your time and can be done at your convenience for you and your staff.


Dee Reiter


Retail Account Rep

I am the Retail and New Dealer Account Rep for EasyCare. I will be happy to help you with ordering, selecting the most popular styles and sizes of EasyCare hoof boots to stock. Let me help you with suggestions on merchandising and provide training for you and your staff, at your convenience.

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