The Power of Tevis!

It's that time of  year again, Tevis Cup time! For those of you that are not familiar with the Tevis Cup (aka The Western States Trail Ride), it is billed as the most challenging endurance ride in the world. The ride starts in Robie Park, CA and covers over 17,000 feet of accent and over 21,900 feet of decent...finishing 100 miles down the trail in Auburn, CA. Tevis has become a big part of our year at EasyCare. Every year we put our hoof boots to the ultimate test over some of the most rugged terrain in the world.

For the past three years, a horse wearing Easyboot Glue-Ons has won the event. This year the top six finishers were in EasyCare boots - I think it is safe to say we had another dominate year at Tevis. You may wonder why Tevis has become such a big part of our year; we feel it is the perfect testing ground for our boots. If our boots can withstand the rigorous conditions over this 100 mile journey,  they will have no issues tackling whatever your customers need them for. So, next time someone asks you if our boots can handle the conditions they ride in, make sure you share EasyCare's results at Tevis over the past few years. Look for Kevin Myers' blog next week with additional Tevis 2013 statistics. Kevin finished 5th at this year's Tevis.

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