EasyCare Training for Your Salespeople

It seems that every time I talk to a tack or feed store owner/manager who is trying to talk themselves out of training, they come around to this line of thinking: “Is sales training a good investment?”

They may be thinking that they have carried EasyCare products for a long time and there’s nothing new to learn. Have you seen our new 20-Page Brochure? Look at the new EasyShoes!

Or, they may be afraid of spending the time and money to train employees who might leave a few months later. The latter may seem like a valid concern; however, that way of thinking is a bit flawed and overlooks a more important question: “What if you don’t train them and they stay?”

Whether they’re with you for a month or 10 years, your salespeople are the face of your business. They interact with your customers every day. Every customer who walks into your store will leave with the impressions your employees give them. And, they’ll share those impressions with everyone they know. If the salesperson doesn't know the answer, guess what?  Ever hear of Facebook?

EasyCare sales training is, and must be viewed as, an investment in the long-term prosperity of your business.

So, let’s say that you are paying your salespeople $10 an hour.  You’ll be into the training for about $5. With a modest twenty percent increase in sales after training, a salesperson who used to make ten sales a week will now be making twelve. At $80 to $100 per sale, that’s . . . well, you can do the math.

EasyCare offers training that is done by phone, at your convenience, and takes about 30 minutes of your salespeople’s time. And, we can break the training out into two sections if 30 minutes is too long a time. I certainly don’t want to be on the phone with your salespeople if there are customers in the store!

Training is now mandatory for new EasyCare Dealers and we have seen, first hand, how it increases their sales right from the start. When we are done with training, we have been thanked many times and even in future conversations, salespeople will refer to their training. No one has ever regretted that 30 minute investment.

You get this, right? Then call us to set your appointment for training!

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Dee Reiter


Retail Account Rep

I am the Retail and New Dealer Account Rep for EasyCare. I will be happy to help you with ordering, selecting the most popular styles and sizes of EasyCare hoof boots to stock. Let me help you with suggestions on merchandising and provide training for you and your staff, at your convenience.

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