New Bigger Sizes and Free Shipping

The Old Mac's G2 and the Easyboot Trail are now available in sizes 11 and 12! Our previous sizes in these styles vary by 5mm increments, while sizes 11 and 12 vary by 10mm increments. Thanks to this increase in sizing increments, we can now accommodate a larger range of big hooves. Size 11 accommodates hooves with a width of 155-165mm (6 1/8" - 6 1/2"), and a length of 160-170mm (6 5/16" - 6 11/16"). Size 12 accommodates hooves with a width of 165-175mm (6 1/2" - 6 7/8"), and a length of 170-180 (6 11/16" - 7 1/8").

The new size 12 Old Mac's G2 (left) pictured next to a size 0 (right).

If you are in need of new hoof boots of any size, now is the time to order! Orders over $50 will receive free ground shipping in the month of January (excludes HiTies and Hoofjacks). If you have any questions about which hoof boot is the best for you and your horse, you can submit a Fitting Assistant or call us at 800-447-8836.


Alayna Wiley

Alayna Wiley, Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

I assist the marketing and sales departments at EasyCare with a special interest in hoof care practitioner and veterinarian dealer accounts. My horses have been barefoot and booted since 2003.


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