Buy a Pair...Get a Pair

Buy a pair of hoof boots and get a pair of Comfort Pads for free!
Customers who purchase a pair of hoof boots through EasyCare in September 2013 will receive a free pair of Comfort Pads. Comfort Pads provide your horse with more comfort and support in each step. The increased comfort and support provided encourages correct movement for all horses whether they are sound or unsound. Comfort Pads are also an excellent tool for transitioning a horse from shod to barefoot.
Promo Code: BAP13. Limit of 1 per order. Offer valid through 9/30/13. Automatically applied to online orders.
Cannot be combined 
with any other discount or Bargain Bin product. Excludes Glue-Ons and EasySoakers.

Alayna Wiley

Alayna Wiley, Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

I assist the marketing and sales departments at EasyCare with a special interest in hoof care practitioner and veterinarian dealer accounts. My horses have been barefoot and booted since 2003.


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