Three Trees

How do you honor a special equine partner?

When I was a young boy, my parents started the tradition of planting a tree on top of our equine partners when they passed on.  Growing up, the trees on our property provided memories of great horses, equine events in incredible places and learning experiences that have shaped our lives.  It's one of the many traditions I've connected with and wanted to continue when I had the opportunity to honor the special horses in my life.

I've just recently continued the tradition and have planted three new trees beside Pass Play, Wyatt and Kasper.  All three incredible horses will help provide shade for their pasture mates and smiles for years to come.  At this moment we have three special trees, more will be added as the retired partners reach their time and the chin will quiver when it happens.

To memories of great horses.  Gallop on boys!

Garrett Ford


President & CEO

I have been President and CEO of EasyCare since 1993. My first area of focus for the company is in product development, and my goal is to design the perfect hoof protection for the barefoot horse.

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