Spreading the Word on EasyCare's AERC program

We as barefoot supporters of endurance riding need to make a committment to spread the word concerning AERC's program to donate dollars for each mile a horse completes in EasyCare's hoof boots.  When I went to my first endurance LD of the season last weekend and produced my forms to verify that we were riding booted the ride manager, nor the veterinarian who signed off on my forms had heard anything about EasyCare's EASYCARE GIVES BACK TO AERC program.  This could mean a lot of payback to our sponsoring organization during this time of economic downturn.

If you know folks who are booting, bring some extra verification forms along to the ride.  Share the program information with other riders, ride management, and your ride veterinarians.   It is an opportunity to support the sport we love, doing what we like to do (riding our horses barefoot & booted).   It is also an opportunity to promote barefooting philosophy with your non-booting competitors.   

~Endurance Granny

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