Team Easyboot 2015 Members Announced

We would like to thank all of the applicants for Team Easyboot 2015.  It is not an easy task for our EasyCare staff panel to select the team members, as all of our applicants contribute to the success of EasyCare in so many ways.  In the end, our selections are based on the goal of creating a team that is filled with engaging members who are enthusiastic about sharing their booting knowledge and experiences with the EasyCare community. The 2015 Team Easyboot members are listed below.

  • Sue Basham
  • Daisy Bicking
  • Karen Bumgarner
  • Leah Cain
  • Fabrice Creignou
  • Carol Crisp
  • Linda Fullmer
  • Ashley Gasky
  • Jodie Jurgeneit
  • Tennessee Lane
  • Gene Limlaw
  • Patricia Longworth
  • Stacey Maloney
  • Megan Masarsky
  • Duncan McLaughlin
  • Elaine McPherson
  • Lisa Morris
  • Karen Neuenschwander
  • Heather & Jeremy Reynolds
  • Renee Robinson
  • Tami Rougeau
  • Christoph Schork
  • Deanna Stoppler
  • Susan Summers
  • Sally Tarbet
  • Amanda Washington
  • Kevin Waters
  • Pascale Winckler

Congratulations to our 2015 Team!  This year's applicants were asked "What is your greatest success using Easyboots?"  Lisa Morris shows the ability our team members have to act as support and subject matter experts to our community: "I have enjoyed helping horses and their owners to figure out which boots will work for their horses' unique conformation and discipline. The hands-on help is essential for people to have the confidence that they have the right boots, that they know how to use them and maintain them correctly. There is a learning curve with using hoof boots, and I like to share some of the "tricks" I have learned to maximize their experience and minimize frustration."  Team Easyboot members are ambassadors to EasyCare and are here to provide access to support, information about EasyCare products and boot fitting.  Keep your eyes out for them at your next event.

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