Announcing Team Easyboot 2016

EasyCare received a diverse array of Team Easyboot 2016 applications that presented great skill and knowledge of EasyCare products. It’s exciting to receive submission forms from a number of places around the world. We thank every entrant for sharing your passion and we are thrilled that EasyCare has contributed to your successes. 

Announcing the 2016 edition of Team Easyboot:

  • Sue Basham
  • Daisy Bicking
  • Maggie Bradshaw
  • Karen Bumgarner
  • Leah Cain
  • Fabrice Creignou
  • Lesley Dewar
  • Tennesee Lane
  • Ben Liebenberg
  • Gene Limlaw
  • Stacey Maloney
  • Lisa Morris
  • Karen Neuenschwander
  • Jennifer Poulin
  • Jeremy Reynolds
  • Heather Reynolds
  • Tami Rougeau
  • Christoph Schork
  • Deanna Stoppler
  • Susan Summers
  • Sally Tarbet
  • Kasey & Simon Thomas
  • Mari Ural
  • Kevin Waters

EasyCare is delighted to welcome back return Team Easyboot members and we are excited to embrace those that are new to the team experience.

Being a part of Team Easyboot means sharing your success stories and Easyboot adventures. 

Keep an eye out for your Team Easyboot 2016 induction email. We are thrilled to have you on board.


Mariah Reeves

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Customer Service

My focus is on educating myself relating to all things hoof and horse care to customize your EasyCare product experience. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to enhance another equestrian lifestyle.

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