Duncan McLaughlin

I am a profesional trimmer and horse masseur. I began natural hoof trimming in 2001, just when barefooting was just taking off here in Australia. I like to combine my barefoot trimming with my experiences as a rider and as a horse masseur (Cert IV Equine Myofunctional Therapy). I have trained and competed in a range of horse activities but perdominantly dressage and endurance riding (including Tevis, Shahzada and Quilty buckles). This broad perspective helps me integrate barefoot/booted hoofcare into my client's horse management, training and competition regimes.

I enjoy working with veterinarians and other horse health professional to create postive outcomes for horses experiencing serious hoof pathologies. I have successfully rehabbed unrideable foundered and 'navicular' horse back to riding soundness.

I have recently moved to the beautiful Sth Coast of NSW and am setting up a new clientelle. My workaday area ranges from Batemans Bay to Bega, with regular trips north to Nowra and to the Hawkesbury/Windsor region of Sydney.


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