We Love the EasyShoes

We were looking for a shoe for Salsa that would help her be more comfortable and something we could apply ourselves. She is three years old and still growing, so it was important to find the "right" fit for her. We decided on the EasyShoe Sport, and cannot tell you how pleased we are. She is traveling so much more comfortably and true. We used the EasyShoe Sport to give her a little more sole protection, but I think we might try the EasyShoe Compete next time. Oh, and your customer service has been amazing. VERY helpful for us "first timers". We got a little messy with the glue, but no doubt, we will get better over time.  Thank you EasyCare!

Name: Michael and Yvonne 
State: Kansas 
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Western Arena Sports
Favorite Boot: EasyShoes

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