Thanks to EasyCare & Dave Rabe

Another Shamrock Story or Our first family endurance ride. On Saturday of this year's Shamrock our family completed our first 30 mile LD as a family: My wife Claire, our daughters Brianna (10) and Alexandra (9), and myself. Our horses range from my 16+ hh anglo to our daughter 12 hh Welsh Mountain and our EasyCare products covered the whole range as well. We had Bares, Epics, Easyboots and some of those boots from that other company.

We thought we were all set to go until half way through Claire's 55 mile ride on Friday, when a very helpful Dave Rabe rode up, shorts and all, and offered to help us really get all of our EasyCare products dialed in. I cannot say enough to emphasize how helpful Dave was. Again, in the middle of his own 55 mile ride he refit my wife's horse with Gloves and later that night helped me put Glue-Ons onto my anglo. They were the first back boots that have ever stayed on in dry conditions, much less the beautiful mud we had this year. Dave shared his knowledge on proper fit and on Saturday all four of us completed sporting EasyCare boots all around. Thanks again to Dave and thanks for helping us keep are horses' feet natural.

- The Clarkes - Natural since 2002

Name: Kevin, Claire, Brianna & Alexandra Clarke
City: Silverthorne
State: Colorado
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove

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