Persistence Prevails

After having my quarter horse in corrective rocker shoes for four years my common sense kicked in. I noticed when my horse's shoes were pulled for winter he seemed to do quite well. The following spring I decided to try keeping him barefoot. Unfortunately the trimmer I selected was not the best choice for my horse. I was loyal to the cause but after three trimmings my horse was lame. I consulted with my vet and she determined his soles had been severely over trimmed - she could not believe he was even standing. I decided to fire the trimmer who's recommendation was that I turn my horse out on pasture. I came close to losing my horse but after emergency care (icing his feet twice a day, isoxoprine and bute) and four weeks of stall rest, he showed improvement.

So after all this, why didn't I go back to shoes? I really trusted that the worst was over. I did more research and found another trimmer, who was able to give me several recommendations from people using barefoot horses in competition. These were not broken down horses that got their last chance from a barefoot trimmer. These were highly exercised competitive horses going barefoot and booted! I have not looked back and I love my new trimmer. She has done wonders with my horse and his feet are now incredibly healthy. If you are looking to transition your horse, find a trimmer that has spectacular references. I use Easyboot Gloves on the rocky trails and I love them. Keep Riding!

Name: Christine Nichols
City: South Grafton, Massachusetts, USA
Equine Discipline: Eventing
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove

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