July 2012: Arizona Feeds Country Stores

The original Arizona Feeds Country Stores are known for their own Arizona Feeds brand horse feed and have been in the Tucson area for decades. With a change in ownership in 2008, two stores remain in Tucson, which are now independently owned and operated. In the spirit of Arizona Feeds Country Stores tradition, they still carry everything you might need for your horse, but they have also added a full line of animal and pet products.  With such a large variety of products, they have a very knowledgeable staff that can assist you.  

Arizona Feeds Country Store has been carrying EasyCare products for several years, with a definite emphasis on EasyCare boots in the last two years, thus experiencing a steady, solid growth. Josh Brown, Store Manager, feels that as customers have become more educated about the advantages of barefoot over shod, boots have become more accepted and mainstream. Josh also feels that a very educated staff providing product knowledge and excellent customer service has contributed greatly to their success. Josh said that as boots become more accepted, he believes that we will see them more and more in rodeo and racing.

Arizona Feeds Country Store is currently carrying the Easyboot Trail, Glove Back Country, Glove, Epic, Old Mac G2, the Easyboot Rx and EasySoaker boots. Their best seller is the Easyboot Trail primarily due to their customer demographic. The Trail is the easiest boot to put on and take off, and they fit most hooves very well. He feels that this works well for the new booters and pleasure riders, who make up most of his customer base.  

Tiffany Lidington, the Marketing Director for Arizona Feeds Country Store, shared some of their more successful marketing strategies. Reaching out to the community by attending local events has helped Arizona Feeds Country Stores tremendously. These events have given them the opportunity to let the community know about the great improvements that they have made to the store, products that they carry and has set them apart as an operator-owned store.

Tiffany feels that employee training has been instrumental in their sales of EasyCare products. Educating their employees about EasyCare products has lead to store employees being able to confidently recommend EasyCare boots to their customers. Advertising in local community horse publications has also helped to let customers know that Arizona Feeds Country Stores carry EasyCare products.

Arizona Feeds Country Store hosted an event in the Fall called the Bits and Boots Seminar, where EasyCare employees educated attendees on the benefits of EasyCare boots. They were able to answer specific questions that horse owners had and they even did boot fittings for customer’s horses on the spot! Attendees stayed for hours soaking in all of the knowledge that was given.

Arizona Feeds Country Stores' favorite event is called the Ag Expo & Spring Fling, which they host every Spring. They want the community to see the improvements that they have made and the great variety of products that they now carry. More 500 people attended the event this year and took advantage of the product specials, raffle prizes and seminars.

Arizona Feeds Country Stores has a strong sense of community, and dedication to their employees providing excellent training so they can offer outstanding customer service and an eagerness to see their customers educated and happy with EasyCare products. You can visit their website at afcountrystore.com.

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