February 2013: Tack Room Too

Located just a few blocks off of I-5 in Olympia, Washington, Tack Room Too has been serving Pacific Northwest horse enthusiasts for more than 25 years. At Tack Room Too, they strive to provide the very best customer service along with quality products for horse and rider.

When speaking with Tack Room Too, this is what they had to say: “The hoof boot industry just continues to evolve. The boots keep getting lighter in weight, more streamlined, they are easier to use and are more user-specific. The more we learn about hoof function, the more the hoof boots improve.

It is important to recognize the barefoot movement as a new equine community that retailers need to serve. Customers who are barefoot advocates are invaluable for their knowledge and experience. Taking the time to listen to their needs helps us, the retailer, to provide the hoof boots and products that they need. Asking questions about how they use hoof boots, the pros and cons of the boots that they have used in the past, what type of riding they do and their horse’s reaction to hoof boots, helps us to gain a knowledge base to help the next customer. Riding our own horses to gain personal knowledge helps, but it isn’t enough – unless we have a herd to ride and the time to do so! So, customer feedback is very important.

We have worked with EasyCare for over twenty years and carry most of the Easyboot line –  the Original Easyboot, Glove, Epic, Glove Back Country, Easyboot Rx and the EasySoaker. We also carry most boot accessories. When the Easyboot Epic first came out, it was the boot to have. Making sure we had that boot in stock, helped us to gain more barefoot customers. As most retailers know, the Easyboot Glove rocked the house! It is our number one seller. And, the new Glove Back Country boot is an excellent choice for the new to barefoot customer. It is important to get a conversation going with the customer to know what kind of riding they do.

Stocking a variety of hoof boots is necessary to help match the boot to the needs of the horse and rider. Everyone here at Tack Room Too has a vast amount of horse knowledge in a broad range of riding disciplines. Some of us have experience with boots and the barefoot lifestyle. We find that with our love of horses, along with our years of experience in many areas, we are able to assist by always listening and caring about what is important to the customer – their horse and the choices made regarding the horse’s care.

Whether it is boots all the way and embracing the barefoot lifestyle or just having a spare hoof boot in case they lose a shoe, Tack Room Too strives to help with practicality and compassion. It is all about the horse and the enrichment they bring to our lives, on all levels.”

Tack Room Too hosts annual sales such as their Saddle Sale in March and their annual Fall Blanket Sale. Take a full online tour of Tack Room Too at www.tackroomtoo.com. Don’t forget to sign up for their mailers to stay informed of their monthly specials and sales.

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