December 2012: Crazy Horse Saddles & Tack

We are very pleased to announce that Crazy Horse Saddles & Tack in Apache Junction, Arizona are EasyCare’s December 2012 Dealer of the Month. Owner Paula Chiodo has been in business almost 11 years and she has been riding for a very long time. Her background in the horse industry is trail riding, barrel racing and pole bending. She says that she did get caught up in the team penning craze for a few years and that her horses seem to enjoy that event. As an Arizona cowgirl, Paula adds another element to the hoof boot industry.

Paula told us that the success of Crazy Horse Saddles & Tack comes with many ingredients. In the almost 11 years in business, she has learned to follow the needs of her great customers. She makes sure that everyone is greeted as soon as they come in the door. They stock everything from simple everyday new and used tack and they also provide good working and training gear. Paula and staff member, Nocona Mellish, are capable of assisting customers with training techniques and well grounded foundation methods. They love to help their customers and customers have told them that is exactly why they love to shop at Crazy Horse saddle Shop.

Paula states, “I have clearly seen the need for hoof boots, especially in the past ten years. Not only are hoof boots great out on the trail, but they aid many of my customer’s horses that suffer from hoof trauma. People are being educated and want to learn more on how to help their equine friends in every way that they can. They need information on everything from diet to exercise to comfort for their horses feet.”

Crazy Horse has been selling EasyCare products for about ten years. Paula says that hoof boots are a large part of the Crazy Horse Saddle Shop. They take a lot of time to show their customers several boot options and guide the customer to the correct boot and the correct boot size. Crazy Horse carries the Original Easyboot, the new and improved Easyboot Epic, the Old Mac's G2, the Easyboot Glove, the Easyboot Trail and the EasySoaker.

Paula states, “The barefoot industry is only going to get bigger and better as horse people find out how to properly transition from shoes to non-shod horses. Look at how many lame, shod horses that there are out there.”

As to Paula’s marketing strategies, she says, “We have done some advertising in trade magazines and we have done some social networking. But, the bottom line to successful marketing is two things. Number one is repeat customers and, number two is word of mouth. I ask new customers every day how they heard about my little store. Most comments are that they heard about Crazy Horse from so and so or my friend at the Jackpot, etc. That's when you know that you are on the right track with your business.”  On November 17th, 2012, Crazy Horse hosted their Anniversary Sale and had a great turnout, finding new customers.

Paula and Crazy Horse Saddles & Tack also believe in giving back to the community by helping out with local events such as the local food drive.

Paula currently owns two horses, a Quarter Horse and a Paint and her personal favorite boot is the Easyboot Trail.
Though there have been many memorable events over the years, Paula says that one she will never forget was seeing a customer’s horse standing in four EasySoakers at one time. “What a patient horse, wish I had my camera with me that night!”
Paula says that they thoroughly enjoy the local rodeo in Apache Junction, the Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo. The rodeo arena is based below the famous Superstition Mountains. She says the landscape is as “Arizona” as we can get. “We celebrate with a parade, arts and craft shows, a carnival and all of the fair food this cowgirl can eat in one weekend!”

If you live in Arizona, visit Crazy Horse Saddles & Tack for some great hometown customer service and hoof boot help. You can also find Crazy Horse Saddles Shop on Facebook.

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