August 2013: Olympia Farrier Supply

Congratulations to Olympia Farrier Supply of Olympia, Washington! When Max and Ken Floyd purchased Olympia Farrier Supply one year ago, they had no idea that EasyCare hoof boots would be such big sellers. Such big sellers, in fact, that Olympia Farrier Supply has been named EasyCare's Dealer of the Month for August.

The Floyds attribute the popularity of the boots, and the success of the store, to Max's full-service approach. Full service means that they will track down any tool a customer desires, but it also means they strive to serve both the barefoot trimmers and the farriers with equal commitment.

Equines in the Floyd Family, Bo and Tess with their pal, goat Ricky Bobby.

"We don't sell EasyCare hoof boots to a barefoot-only audience," says Max. "These days, farriers realize that hoof boots have a place in comprehensive hoof care. We sell hoof boots to those who shoe horses when they are dealing with a problem hoof and they need a temporary solution between shoeings. Or, when the farrier has a client who has decided to transition from shod to barefoot."

"We have a seasonal audience, too," Max also added. "Around here, a lot of people keep their horses barefoot in the winter because of the mud, then put shoes on again when summer rolls around. Having EasyCare hoof boots in stock means that they are able to give their horses a break from metal shoes and be able to enjoy their horse year-round." Currently, Max is the sole operator of Olympia Farrier Supply.

Ken has had two surgeries and has been unable to work. Ken hopes with the last surgery past, that he will be able to be more active in the growth of the business in the future. The picture below was taken before surgeries.

When the Floyds took over Olympia Farrier Supply, they increased the inventory to meet a growing demand for hoof boots. Today, you can walk into the store and find Gloves, Back Country boots and Epics for riding, plus the Easyboot Rx and the EasySoaker for hoof therapy. Having a large inventory of EasyCare hoof boots on hand contributes to their increase in sales. Olympia Farrier Supply stocks a large inventory of EasyCare hoof boots for the convenience of farriers and trimmers. And oftentimes, sales are a referral from a hoof care practitioner.

Farriers and trimmers have come to realize that Olympia Farrier Supply will go the extra mile to stock the inventory that they need. Customers know that if they need a product, the Floyds will track it down. In one case, Max went the extra mile by making an international phone call to order a hammer that was manufactured in Italy, but was found in England. Max also brings enthusiasm and passion to the business, making a hoof care professional's job much easier and more enjoyable.

The Floyds didn't start our as farrier supply experts. They got into the horse business because of their daughter, Madison.

That was seven years and many hooves ago and the Floyds have learned a lot along the way. One thing they have learned is there is more than one way to do hoof care. And they want to supply every farrier and trimmer, no matter their approach to caring for their customer's horses. The Floyd's approach to service is working very well! Visit them in Olympia, Washington or at

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